Toxic Overload

We bear an enormous toxic burden as a result of living in airtight houses, in cities where the air is polluted with auto exhaust and industrial emissions, eating foods that have been doused with fertilizer or insecticide and possibly genetically engineered, and all the other perils of modern life. Our immune systems were not designed to have to keep up with the overwhelming onslaught of these toxins, and are therefore weakened by doing so. By the very nature of how allergies develop, a weakened immune system means more allergies. In fact, this cause may not even belong in the ?alternative theory? category, as more and more environmental physicians with ?M.D.? behind their names get on the bandwagon to warn of the dangers we face. Ultimately, an overburdened immune system allows all types of allergies to develop, and in extreme cases, the result is described as allergy to modern life. While many of the allergy treatments we will discuss in the appropriate section may relieve individual allergies, a syndrome of allergy to modern life can only be treated by removing all synthetic substances, allergenic foods and airborne allergens from the individual?s environment.


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