Sensitivity and allergy to inhalants can be subtle, such as a catch in your throat when you breathe in a certain aroma to life-threatening anaphylaxis and everything in between. While most people experience that catch in the throat after inhaling, say, ammonia, some are sensitive to perfumes, essential oils and

Imbalanced Immune System

Dr. Leon Chaitow, a highly respected naturopathic and osteopath from London, England is quoted in Alternative Medicine (ibid) as having found that a number of factors negatively impact the immune function. Included are increased toxic burden due to pollution in all its forms, disturbance of immune systems through repeated childhood

Leaky-Gut Syndrome

Leaky-gut syndrome is not a medical diagnosis at all, but a term that has come to be used by both alternative and traditional medical doctors to describe a set of symptoms for which the cause is not known. As with any illness that involves failure of a body?s system, we

Let Go of Stress

A stressful day can increase levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which in turn can exacerbate allergic reactions. Meditate, relax in a warm tub or do any of a myriad of stress-releasing exercises to turn down the cortisol effect. Keep Your Nose Clean Pollen sticks to the lining of your

Major Allergy Symptoms and Treatment

Although we have described a few common allergy symptoms and will devote a future section to treatment, we suggest you use this guide arranged by body location to be aware of common symptoms affecting you, the potential severity, and what to do if a symptom is intolerable. This list is

Mast Cell Stabilizers

Since allergy symptoms are a direct result of chemicals released by mast cells, it stands to reason that medications designed to prevent those chemical releases can be used to prevent allergic reactions, especially asthma. These medications also have some anti-inflammatory effect, but typically are not as effective for that purpose


What ? Hives, Rashes, Itchiness, Blisters, Swelling Allergen ? Food allergens, environmental substances such as chemicals, insect bites What to Do ? For mild symptoms or a localized reaction such as to an insect bite, a soothing ointment or gel should be sufficient. Although several folk remedies purported to draw

Toxic Overload

We bear an enormous toxic burden as a result of living in airtight houses, in cities where the air is polluted with auto exhaust and industrial emissions, eating foods that have been doused with fertilizer or insecticide and possibly genetically engineered, and all the other perils of modern life. Our

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin A deficiency contributes to poor digestion. Because Vitamin A is fat-soluble and therefore can be stored in the body, supplement carefully to avoid overdose and toxicity. Pantothenic acid, a B vitamin, boosts adrenal function, which in turn strengthens the immune system. High doses of vitamin C can alleviate the

Treatment of Allergies

Conventional treatment of allergies begins with conventional testing to determine the type of allergen to which the patient reacts, followed by avoidance of the allergen and symptom relief medications if warranted. Finally, some allergies respond to immunotherapy with desensitization. While the allergy sufferer may be thankful for the relief provided